Microgrid Networks

One of the main building blocks of Smart Grid is a microgrid. Microgrids become intelligent with AI, machine learning and distributed optimization techniques, and can coordinate with DSO for the control of distribution network and direct energy trading to maximize the social welfare.

Optimal Power Flow

Determining the power flows in power system is one of the fundamental problem, and we are interested in optimal power flow that minimizes the total cost. Our ADMM-based distributed OPF solution is already available and can be extended into various ways such as multiple ESS coordination, voltage regulation in distribution network, etc.

Funded by KETEP and NRF

Transactive Energy

The increasing number of DERs makes it possible for prosumers to directly trade energy. We mathematically prove that direct energy trading maximizes the social welfare using the microeconomic theory, cooperative game theory, and OPF. Our result will revolutionize the future distribution energy market using direct energy trading. 

Funded by KEPCO and NRF


X-Grid is the GUI-based distribution network design tool. You can put microgrids, ESSes, renewable generators, customers with any arbitrary radial topology. It automatically computes the OPF and the bus voltages. Its use is as easy as PSpice. X-Grid is purely based on the technologies developed by NICE LAB. 

Funded by NRF