Interdisciplinary Research Area 

We conduct interdisciplinary research using 

AI, Applied Machine Learning and Optimization in 

solving various problems of Energy ICT and 6G Wireless Networks.

When AI meets Smart Grid

In operating Smart Grid, AI and machine learning become more and more important due to the increasing number of renewable generation, such as solar and wind, and the distributed energy resources (DERs). We apply deep learning and reinforcement learning for prediction and control.

Microgrid Networks

One of the main building blocks of Smart Grid is a microgrid. Microgrids become intelligent with AI, machine learning and distributed optimization techniques, and can coordinate with DSO for the control of distribution network and direct energy trading to maximize the social welfare.

EV and ESS Optimal Control

Batteries play a key role in Smart Grid, and EV and energy storage system (ESS) can be utilized to secure the power grid. EV charging station planning and scheduling, ESS optimal control using reinforcement learning, virtual ESS are active research area where we lead the industry! 

When AI meets Wireless

5G wireless system is now available, but the academia needs to start a new research for the next generation of wireless networks. Definitely, AI will play a key role in 6G in PHY, MAC, and network layers. We are excited to start a new journey called AIR (Artificial Intelligence Radio)!