Photo Album

When I first came to Sogang University, taken at my office using iPhone4, October 2011.

Sogang University, October 2011.

Dr. Kim and 독수리5형제, August 2012.

The Professor is at school while we're skiing! January 2014.

JCCI 2014 at Yeosu, April 2014.

Bluekite Opening Ceremony, June 2014.

NICE LAB attended SmartGridComm 2014 in Venezia, Italy, October 2014.

NICE LAB, November 2014.

Cherry blossom, April 2016.

NICE LAB, November 2016.

Nice Winter Vacation! January 2017.

Congratulations on your Graduation! February 2017.

Spring Picnic with NICE People, April 2017.

Renewable Generation Bidding on Sabbatical leave at UBC, September 2017

Officially missing you on Sabbatical leave@UBC, October 2017.

The first Home-Coming Event 

What a NICE day, Feb. 2018

Hi, Seoul! July 2018.

NICE LAB, November 2018.

NICE LAB, November 2019.

Dr. Gilsoo Lee at Nokia Bell Labs. visited NICE Lab, December 2021.

NICE World in a Pandemic Era (Seoul, Sejong, San Jose, San Diego, Naperville), December 2021

NICE LAB, April 2023.

Visiting KOMIPO, April 2023. 

Picture on Han river, April 2023. 

2023 KICS summer conference in JEJU Island. June 2023.

Congratulations on your graduation and admission! February 2024.

NICE awake guys, April 2024. 

NICE awake guys, April 2024.