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Top Conferences
Conferences Key Details
IEEE INFOCOM 2013 Period: 04/14/2013-04/19/2013
Location: Turin, Italy
ACM Sigcomm 2013 Period:08/12/2013-08/16/2013
Location:Hong Kong
Submission Deadline:January 25, 2013
ACM Mobicomm Period: TBD
Submission Deadline:TBD
ACM Mobi Hoc Period: TBD
Location: TBD
Submission Deadline: TBD


Upcoming Conferences Accepting Papers
Conferences Key Details
WiMob 2013 Period:10/07/2013-10/09/2013
Location: Lyon, France
Submission Deadline: June 7, 2013
Allerton 2013 Period:10/02/2013-10/04/2013
Location: Monticello, IL, USA
Submission Deadline: July 09, 2013
INFOCOM 2014 Period:04/27/2014-05/02/2014
Location: Toronto, Canada
Submission Deadline: July 28, 2013
ICC 2014 Period:06/10/2014-06/14/2014
Location: Sydney, Australia
Submission Deadline: September 15, 2013
WCNC 2014 Period:04/06/2014 ? 04/09/2014
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Submission Deadline: September 15, 2013
ICASSP 2014 Period:05/04/2014-05/09/2014
Submission Deadline: October 27, 2013
ISIT 2014 Period:06/29/2014-07/04/2014
Location: Honolulu, HI, USA
Submission Deadline: January 19, 2014
ICIP 2014 Period:10/27/2014-10/30/2014
Location: Paris, France
Submission Deadline: January 31, 2014
VTC 2014 Spring Period:05/18/2014-05/21/2014
Location: Seoul, Korea
Submission Deadline: TBD
ITW 2014 Period:11/02/2014-11/05/2014
Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Submission Deadline: TBD


Journal Special Issues
(Go to ‘IEEE JSAC’)
Journal Key Details
IEEE JSAC Special Issue: Device-to-Device Communications in Cellular Networks
Submission Deadline: May. 1st, 2013
IEEE JSAC Special Issue:Emerging Technologies in Communications
Submission Deadline: July 16th, 2013
IEEE JSAC Special Issue: Full-duplex Wireless Communications and Networks
Submission Deadline: October 1st, 2013


Upcoming Conferences Not Accepting Papers
Conferences Key Details
VTC 2013 Spring Period:06/02/2013-06/05/2013
Location: Dresden, Germany
SPAWC 2013 Period:06/16/2013-06/19/2013
Location: Darmstadt, Germany
ISIT 2013 Period:07/07/2013-07/12/2013
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
ISWCS 2013 Period:08/27/2013-08/30/2013
Location: Ilmenau, Germany
VTC 2013 Fall Period:09/01/2013-09/04/2013
Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA
MLPS 2013 Period:9/01/2013-9/05/2013
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
PIMRC 2013 Period:09/08/2013-09/11/2013
Location: London, UK
ITW 2013 Period:09/09/2013-09/13/2013
Location: Seville, Spain
ICIP 2013 Period:09/15/2013-09/18/2013
Location: Melbourne, Australia
ICUWB 2013 Period:09/15/2013-09/18/2013
Location: Sydney, Australia
HealthCom 2013 Period:10/09/2013-10/12/2013
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
SmartGridCom 2013 Period:10/21/2013-10/24/2013
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Asilomar 2013 Period:11/03/2013-11/06/2013
Location: Pacific Grove, CA, USA
MILCOM 2013 Period:11/18/2013-11/20/2013
Location: San Diego, CA, USA
GLOBECOM 2013 Period:12/09/2013-12/13/2013
Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
GLOBECOM 2014 Period:11/16/2014-11/21/2014
Location: Austin, TX, USA
Submission Deadline: TBA
ICASSP 2015 Period:04/19/2015-04/24/2015
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Submission Deadline: TBA

Last updated July 16, 2013